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360 Content Manager for JTAG & RGH 360s. Created by xamphear.

This App Does:
* Browse 360 files on your PC by their real info, like game
name and package

* Unlock XBLA, DLC and Avatar files downloaded
from Xbox Live.

* Upload files (XBLA, DLC, GOD, Avatar, Title Update) to
your console over FTP
with a single click. Files are automatically uploaded
to the right folders.

* Drag and drop files to other applications, if
you’d prefer to use your own
FTP client.

* Organize a messy folder of
downloaded content into many different
directory styles. Rename XBLA and DLC
files to their original names or to
their package titles.

* View the
MediaID of Title Updates and GODs so you can match them, and search
JQE and
XBUC for matching TUs.

* View the MediaID of ISO files. (Requires

* View the MediaID of default.xex files.

* Browse your
360’s hard drive directly, using FSD. This
allows you to delete, unlock,
edit and copy the contents of the 360’s internal
drive over the

Please see the About box for credits and thanks. This app owes a
lot to other
more talented 360 hackers.

Uploading works with all 360 homebrew packages:
FSD, xm360, XeXMenu and the
ftpdll Dash Launch plugin.

* If you get any error messages opening the
program, install .NET 4.0: