Ced2911, the well known 360 SDK/libxenon coder, is working hard since the past few weeks on a new libxenon project : porting Mplayer (an Open Source Media Player) on the Xbox 360 using the libxenon library. Why using libxenon to make this? because even if SDK is more user friendly, with libxenon you can exploit the xbox 360 power with more efficiency, as you have seen that with GliGlis N64 emulator.

Another cool point about developing on libxenon for a Media Player is the possibility to use NTFS Hard drive and so play files >4Gb which is impossible using the SDK (computer steaming don’t count).

Actually this player can read video up to 720p with multi subtitles support =). The menu will be rebuild for the release in order to look like more as the Media Center we used to see… différent tab (video, settings etc …) and a eyes friendly inbuild OSD to change playing option. What’s left to be done ?

Improving Video playing and maybe getting 1080p support at full speed and without glitch. Actually some 1080p are playable at 25FPS but not all.

Fixing Audio bug and desync after a pause.

A real menu / brower