Вече ще можете по време на игра да си следим градусите,паметта,да си пуснете някоя игра и да си правите снимки от играта,и още много неща. 🙂


The FSD Team announce today an upcoming update for their alternative dashboard F3. This new plugin will work everywhere (not only on F3) and will gives more info and features on the http page :view screenshots, game location, TU Version, console info, temperatures and take screenshot

Here is TeamFSD Message

We know everyone is extremely excited about LiNK and trust us, it is well worth the wait but today we have something else to share with you… The new Freestyle Plugin web A.K.A. our persistent HTTP server.

Our original Web UI is great for adding pictures, changing descriptions of games and overall management of your FSD/F3 database but it has one flaw, it is only accessible when the console is sitting in our custom dashboard. Well that is no longer an issue with the new plugin, it is loaded into the consoles memory and remains active even after game launch. Now you can get real time info about the game you are currently playing including view screenshots, game location, TU Version, console info, temperatures oh and one other little thing…. check out the video to see what that is!