Ето един хубав скин за FSD 3.0.735


-Customization tailored theme
-Non-intrusive Kinect bar for
Kinect Commands
-85 wallpapers
and 41 Panels
-4 Background
Animations and a Dimmer

Version 2.1
-Fixed a little bug with

the disc tab
-Fixed Game backgrounds not showing in coverflow
-Minor theme
-Changed cover mesh textures

*All subsequent updates will
overwrite previous versions of Zenith from this point on. Be sure to reset skin settings when updating. (Not
required on this version)
*Out of sync loading dots on splash screen will
usually indicate a pending skin

Version 2.0

-Revised Layout
-Added New Panels
-Added 2 new
background animations and a
background dimmer
-New customize scene
Last Played Game available on every option
-Added shortcut to customize skin under skins tab
-Removed Avatars
for performance
-Decreased file size for performance