Uninstall Xbox One съдържание

Ако трябва да се направи място за нова игра, или ако искате да деинсталирате заглавие, което не използвате повече, можете да го направите от Моите игри и приложения. Ето как:

1.Press бутона Xbox на вашия контролер.
2.Go в Моите игри и приложения.
3.Highlight съдържанието, което искате да деинсталирате.
4.Натиснете бутона за менюто на вашия контролер.
5.Select Uninstall

Ето списък от съвети и трикове за XBOX ONE – чувствайте се свободни да добавяте още към този списък или да публикувате всякакви наблюдения / корекции /..

  • Stop apps/games running in the background – Hover on the app or game in the window on your home screen and press the “enter” (three lines) button on your controller. Head over to “quit” and it’s done.
  • How to use the Xbox One controller’s bumper buttons
  • How to enable party chat
  • During setup, crank up your speakers as loud as they can go during the mic calibration on the Kinect (until it says too loud). Then lower it until you get beneath the threshold.
  • You can pause the installation/download of a game/app by pressing the Menu button when hovering over the tile.
  • Some services that don’t have native apps yet, like Pandora, work in Internet Explorer because they’re built with HTML5.
  • Pin websites to your home screen by pressing the Menu button when the tile is selected in Internet Explorer’s address bar.
  • Double tap the Xbox button to switch focus between a filled tiled and a snapped tile.
  • If TV freezes or becomes distorted, return to the homescreen and select the active panel. Press the Menu button and select Quit. Then launch TV again.
  • Plug your Xbox 360 into the HDMI in. You can chat and play games with your friends unfortunate enough not to get a One. Easy as saying “Xbox TV” and picking ip the other controller. Also you can wear a 360 compatible headset and play One games while chatting.
  • After turning your room lights down the white glow on the console, kinect, and controller all dim down too.
  • Plug in a USB keyboard before booting the Xbox One and bam! keyboard works!
  • You can set up the Xbox One to control your AVR, it’s just not in the OOBE. After configuring TV, go to settings, TV and add an AVR.
  • Charge your controller by plugging the play and charge cable into the wall. only works with Xbox’s rechargeable battery.
  • This has been discussed in the press, but if you want to get surround sound via HDMI PT, go to TV settings, under Troubleshooting and enable that. it’s currently in beta, so YMMV
  • To rename your console to whatever you want by going under settings, system
  • Obvious one, check the list of Kinect voice commands http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-o…voice-commands
  • Another Obvious one, check the list of Kinect gestures http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-o…ommon-gestures
  • Binding a controller: turn it on, make sure Kinect sees the front part of it and press the bind button on the front of the controller. Kinect will see that you’re trying to bind a new controller and put the console in binding mode for you. No need to press the bind button on the side of the console, although that still works. Binding via a microUSB cable also works
  • To control the party, Snap the Party app and from there you can control chat, invites etc. Remember that Kinect will work as your chat mic if no headset is plugged into the controller. If you do not want Kinect to be your chat mic, go to settings, Kinect and mute Kinect for chat
  • To get rid of any snap tiles and go back to full screen say XBOX UNSNAP
  • The friends model on Xbox One changes, there is no longer the need to accept friends request and you can follow anyone like on Twitter.