Със тази версия на Xell ще имат видео сигнал тези които са със Corona,и до сега не са могли да си пуснат  Емулатори или video player заради това че Xell нямаше видео картина за Corona.


The full changelog can be found here:
v0.993 – 28/08/2013
Disabled USB writes for the logfile (not working with EXT# anyways
Fixed the crashing when unplugging USB memories at runtime
v0.992 – 27/08/2013 * Released by a trigger happy Tuxuser *
! Corona video support !
* NTSC gives weird black/white screen
eMMC Reading support for Corona consoles (no flashing!)
* Not working when launched via XellLaunch
Rawflash verify features
Cygnos/DemoN builds included – 38400 UART baudrate
Logfile writing to USB or HTTP Webinterface
Dumps ANA-Registers to UART / Logfile
« Shutdown » and « Reboot » via HTTP Webinterface
Option to disable Network via xell config
Support for all 3 USB busses
* Crashing when USB is plugged out or attached at runtime
Switched from zlib to puff (smaller)
Support for mounting 1 USB memory device at runtime
Better support for big USB devices (or poorly formatted ones)