The developer RedSquirrel pushed out his first version of Xipper 1.0. With this PC based GUI application , you can easily extract your Xbox 360 ISO on your Linux based PC, in association with extract-xiso.
For the latest happenings, see the Changelog

A complete GUI for extract-xiso
Possibility to use all the main functions of extract-xiso, such as ISO extraction, optimization and creation.
Possibility to choose additional parameters for the procedure
Two languages available: English and Italian.

-On Archlinux use the package on AUR.
-On Debian based distros (ex. Ubuntu and derivates) use the DEB package.
-About all other distros:
Install the dependencies: gambas2-gb-form, gambas2-gb-gtk, gambas2-gb-qt
Note: gambas2-gb-qt is optional, install it only if you need the QT support for KDE.
Download the package containing the binaries (bin)
Give the execution rights to the binary file: chmod +x xipper.gambas
Run the binary file double-clicking on it or typing in a terminal: