Поддържа Full HD,бг субтитри,добавени са доста подобрения и фиксове, Свалете и разархивирайте плейъра от тук
разархивирате и копирате всички файлове и папки в главната директория на харда ви или usb-тo
Свалете си този файл Launch Xell.xex от тук и го стартирайте от FSD File manager,и така оборотите на перките ще си останат на %-те на които сте си ги нагласили,и няма да загрява докато гледате филми

Тези които имат проблеми със Launch Xell.xex,да си включат Dashlanchera и да изберат xenon.elf от файла на XMPlayer 0.0.2

Ако имате проблеми и въпроси,пишете във Форума


The developer Siz release to today an update of the famous libxenon’s media player (originally stared by Ced2911) : XMPlayer now in version 0.0.2. This video player is based on Mplayer (an Open Source Media Player), and after a long wait this new version bring A LOT of change and fix … so be sure to check the Changelog to see all of them :) .

Why using libxenon to make this? because even if SDK is more user friendly, with libxenon you can exploit the xbox 360 power with more efficiency (without all MS system’s cpu usage), as you have seen that with GliGli’s N64 emulator. Another cool point about developing on libxenon for a Media Player is the possibility to use NTFS Hard drive and so play files >4Gb which is impossible using the SDK (computer streaming don’t count). But remember, you can launch this application using dashlaunch with the ‘excecute’ feature.
Version 0.0.2:
– Fixed: .avi files not playing after a .mkv, .mov or .mp4 file has been played
– Fixed: When entering a new folder “Item number/All item number” will not update until moving down on d-pad
– Fixed: When paused, the osd buttons (y, xbox, x) unpauses video, only (a) pauses/unpauses now
– Fixed: Osd_show_progression (x) only shows if osd-button (y) hasn’t been pressed before
– Fixed: Lb and Rb doesn’t seek -600/+600
– Fixed:The D-pad being buggy after a video has been played
– Fixed: Some bugs with osd displaying delay as -0 because of it being close to zero
– Fixed: Removed the 1 pixel-width line artifact in videos
– Changed: Osd-button (y) now switches from directly on/off, this means it only needs 1 press to full osd and not 3 presses
– Changed: When pressing the pause-button (a) progression will also show
– Changed: The page down icon now only shows, if there are at least more items than a page
– Changed: The ( button doesn’t exit to homescreen any more, it goes one level up, until root then goes to homescreen
– Changed: [extension.mp4] demuxer=mov to demuxer=lavf in mplayer.conf, lavf handles .mp4 files better than mov
– Changed: Updated libass to 0.10.0 – Changed: ***/ssa is now subtitle default which means outline, color, scale etc. works
– Changed: The audio delay option in osd is more logical, a audio_delay of 100 ms doesn’t mean audio is 100 ms before video (mplayer standard), but 100 ms after
– Changed: Replaced mxml with tinyxml, because of loading problems and it seems lighter
– Changed: Updated GUI with button indicators, changed page size from 10 to 15
– Added: “Restart” and “Shutdown” buttons
– Added: A “smart menu” that saves your last selection and path when exiting a menu or playing a video (resets between devices)
– Added: Resume-playback function: if you stop a video in the middle of playing, it will save last position and resume from there if desired (more than a minute of video has to be played)
– Added: All libmenu’s working functions available in the main osd, so libmenu will no longer be needed
– Added: Patch from mplayerdev’s mailing list which adds support for playing videos inside multivolume uncompressed rar files
– Added: If a .rar file loads, it now gets the extension of the archived file, so the true extension profile is loaded
– Added: The (back) button goes directly back to homepage
– Added: Sort files. By pressing (x) in the file browser, you can order by Name or Date (day/month/year)
– Added: *** settings can be accessed from the subtitle osd menu
– Added: Set ***=yes and vf=*** in mplayer config. This means it can be disabled and subfont can be used if desired